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Green Tree Pre School Local Offer

At Green Tree Pre School each child is allocated a key worker. The role of the key worker is to build a relationship not only with the child but also with the parents to get to know them better. We do this in many ways; by observations and photographs recorded in a learning journal which are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Early Years Outcomes; available to look at daily; two year old progress check, termly progress reports, open door policy, stay and play sessions with parents and every session an opportunity to speak to the key worker.

We will observe and monitor individual children's progress using an extensive All Abount Me including 'One Person Planning' to support the child as well as a '2 Year Old Progress Check' which covers the three prime areas of development, Personal Social and Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical.

Where a child appears not to be making progress in these areas, we will develop a targeting plan with 'One Person Planning'; with the parents, key worker, the views of the child and our SENCO whose role is to:

* To ensure all key workers understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and our setting's approach in identifying and meeting SEN.

* Advise all staff of all information and support all key workers.

* Ensure partents are closely involved throughout.

* Liaise with professionals or agencieis behond the setting such as the Inclusion Partner Johanna Connolly South SEND Services at Essex County Council.

'One Person Planning' is:

Assess: The key worker and SENCO will work together with the parents to agree on whether outside professionals should be involved.

Plan: Together the parents, key worker and SENCO agree outcomes they are seeking, taking the views of the child into consideration and agree a date to review.

Do: The key worker and all staff at the setting to work with the child to implement the plan, assessing the child's response to the plan.

Review: On the review date, with the parents, child, key worker and SENCO and any outside professionals, review to check if the plan is working and if so, where to go next and if not, to implement another plan of action and the process continues.

At Green Tree Pre School, we offer two free settling in sessions, were you can stay for all or part of the session, and offer a flexible settling in period. This gives us a chance to get to know your child, and your family and provides an opportunity to provide and share wih us the details of your child's needs and the involvement of any other agencies and agree with you a consistent approach to ensure the continuity of care for your child.

Your child's key worker is your first point of contact and we do have a 'who's who' in our foyer, displaying details of staff and their roles and information on the Family Information Service or speak to the Managers.

Our staff are welcoming and friendly, providing an inclusive, sensitive and positive approach for your child to feel welcomed into our pre school. They provide good role models for positive behaviour, are consistent in our day to day care of all our children. We are flexible in our routines to provide a positive environment for your child's needs and provide personal care such as changing nappies respectively.

All our facilities are checked by our ENCO (Equaltities Named Co-ordinator) who works closely with the SENCO to ensure the activities are accessible to all to enable learning through play. We have a visual timetable an quiet book corner for your child to retreat to if they wish to do so.

School Trips: We will endeavour to include parents in the planning of a visit off site to identify the needs and strengths of your child and invite parents to join us on the trip. We would carry out a risk assessment linked to the visit and we would also take along any aids or equipment that your child may need;

Premises: We have a large open plan hall with accessible toilets and access to a garden and are all on one level and have available parking outside the building.

Transition: Any 'One Person Planning' outcomes/actions would be shared (with the parents' consent) with the child's next school, arranging any necessary meetings before hand to ensure a smooth process in the transition to a new setting.