"Child A loves Green Tree and is ALWAYS happy to go so it must be good!"

"The staff are amazing, They answer any queries or worries straight away and report back on how your child has been......my child has settled really well and is now telling me all the things he has done and learnt - his confidence has improved greatly".

"All the staff are extremely approachable and friendly. I feel very happy leaving Child X in their care".

"Child Y is learning lots. He is singing and remembering songs and starting to recognise letters".

"Great place with great Aunties. I'm so impressed, my child has come on so well since being here".

"Wonderful! so calm, well organsied, friendly and happy......Child Z is so enthusiastic with telling me what he has done in his day, he gets so much out of the teaching".

"Welcoming and friendly with a good balance of play vs education and fun varied activities and opportunities".

"Fun, well organised and professional.....I would highly recommend the preschool - I already have".

"Staff are very approachable not just for the adults but Child Q talks with fondness about all the staff and she is very settled".